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At Nakamura Jico Co., Ltd. (NAJICO), we were able to mark the company’s 90th anniversary,
and we would like to thank you for your support, which has made this possible.

<90th Anniversary Logo and Slogan>

At NAJICO, we have formulated a logo and slogan to commemorate our 90th anniversary.
The slogan is “Integrating Ambitions and Connecting with the Future.”
This expresses our desire to contribute to the future development of everyone associated with NAJICO
through the creation of new value by integrating the desires, hopes and ambitions of everyone
involved and transforming them into tangible realities (in the form of products and services),
The logo, which is composed of nine beads each representing a decade of the company’s steady, substantial growth and increasing atraction.
In addition, the Earth drawn in the center of the circle (0) represents our desire to develop further as a global company.

President’s Message

President’s Message

President’s Message

Message from President of the NAJICO

At Nakamura Jico Co., Ltd. (NAJICO), we were able to mark the company’s 90th anniversary, and we would like to thank you for your support, which has made this possible. And in particular, we would like to express our deep gratitude for the enormous support we have received from our business partners as well as local residents.

The last ten years have been a very special time for me. When I was appointed as president in 2007, I set the goals of achieving a 30% ratio of net worth, 15% ratio of overseas sales and a 6% return on assets, and the employees came together to work toward these as a group. While, through everyone’s efforts, we have achieved the goal I set for ratio of net worth, we are still working to expand our overseas market and achieve return on assets. And, we have renewed our resolution to continue working toward these goals.

We must polish and improve our unique technological capabilities and our ability to provide services, which we have developed over our long history, and we must also build up a flexible strength capable of responding to changes in client needs and the increasingly intensifying market environment. Accomplishing this requires the comprehensive capabilities of all related companies and the efforts of each of the individual workers that operate these companies.

Over the last ten years, I have stood at the helm of eight related companies, and I am confident that this experience will enable me to accomplish even further corporate development through synergizing the various companies and divisions. I believe that ‘companies progress requires combined efforts of each and every single worker.’ The added value created by each employee leveraging 120% of the knowledge and skills they currently possess and viewing things from the new vantage point is sure to generate energy powerful enough to expand and develop our company.

We will continue to consolidate the driving force within each and every employee as we work toward the100th anniversary of Nakamura Jico Co., Ltd. driven by our resolution to “Integrate customer desires and ambitions, transform these into tangible realities and connect with the future.” From the bottom of our hearts, we look forward to your continued support and guidance in our future developments.

代表取締役社長 中村弘樹

Usage of NAJICO products

We took a focused look at the products manufactured by NAJICO, which are in use in a variety of locations, some of which may surprise you. This introduction is based on interviews with related personnel.

NAJICO National Talks

NAJICO’s network continues to expand throughout Japan and overseas. To understand the full extent of NAJICO’s appeal, you have to look beyond our head office in Tsukiji. Employees working on-site in various locations introduce workstyles and lifestyles richly colored by the regional characteristics of each hub. “So many countries, so many customs.”

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