najico 中村自工

Universal joint business

Design/sale of universal joints leveraging over 60 years of technology and knowledge

We design, manufacture, sell, and repair universal joints and safety fits. Many of our products are used as top brands in all sorts of industrial machinery power transmission fields, including iron/steel equipment, nonferrous metal equipment, rolling stock, papermaking machinery, and ships. This is all due to our history and achievements in playing a pioneering role when it comes to rolling stock products in Japan and iron/steel rolling machinery across the world.

Our manufacturing location

Our manufacturing location

Located in Takahagi, Ibaraki Prefecture, this location manufactures universal joints and large heat exchangers.

412 Matsukubo, Akahama, Takahagi City,
Ibaraki Prefecture 318-0001 Japan

Our products

Our universal joints are used in a wide range of fields, including iron manufacturing, papermaking, and railways.


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