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Satisfying a wide variety of needs through extensive experience and expertise

We provide heat exchangers with various materials, sizes and shapes, taking care of the entire product life cycle, from development and design to repair.
Our products are suitable for a wide range of uses and applications that require heat exchangers, including rolling stock, construction machinery, hydraulic equipment, ships and power generation and gas production equipment.

Najico’s waterless radiators that support BCPs (business continuity plans)

Emergency power generators supply power in the event of an emergency power outage.
Cooling systems are an integral component of power generators as they cool down diesel engines.
Najico’s cooling systems employ the air-cooling method, which uses no water for cooling. Their cooling ability is retained even in water outages, with no need for water supply like a cooling tower, which is one of their key features.
Consider Najico’s cooling systems if you need to keep your equipment/machinery cool even during emergency situations.

Najico’s waterless radiators that support BCPs (business continuity plans) Najico’s waterless radiators that support BCPs (business continuity plans)

Overseas Expansion

Overseas expansion
  • We are coorporating with our local distributors to establish a sales system including parts supply.
    We have built an after-sales service system to keep our customers satisfied.

  • We are committed to offering technical support on operating our products to our overseas customers.

    We share information on how to handle our products, as well as technical know-how, through technology exchange sessions with our customers.

  • We send our technical advisors to the sites of overseas customers to help them maintain high-quality standards.

    Our extensive after-sales service system provides support to our overseas customers.

  • We supply spare parts and sell products to our overseas customers.

Our Quality Initiatives

ISO9001 certification mark

ISO9001 certification mark

We have an ISO9001-compliant quality management system in place and value our corporate philosophy “Trust, Contribution, and Harmony” while pursuing our quality policy “Build trusted quality.”
We work hard to keep our finger on the pulse of the times and our customers’ needs, and we implement continuous improvements and integrate manufacturing and sales to satisfy our customers.

Najico Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Our Manufacturing Base

Located in Takahagi, Ibaraki Prefecture, Najico Manufacturing manufactures universal joints, SAFETY FIT®, large heat exchangers and various copper heat exchangers.

412, Akahama, Takahagi City, Ibaraki Prefecture, 3180001 Japan
Tel: +81-293-23-3411 (main) / Fax: +81-293-20-1020