• Laser Doppler Speedometers

    Laser Doppler Speedometers

    Laser Doppler speedometers use a noncontact laser Doppler system to accurately measure speed/length from zero.
    This product is available as part of an integrated system or can be specially ordered to match your specifications.

  • Hand-Magna


    This portable interpolar flaw detector (Hand-Magna), the smallest magnetic particle flaw detector, features an energy conservation design that reduces the rated current 50–70% compared to conventional products and has a structure to prevent heat buildup. The flaw detection lamp makes more accurate inspections possible.

  • SNOM


    This is made from natural microbes formed from papilionaceous plant husks that decompose and digest oil.
    This environmentally friendly product is used as a material to adsorb biodegradable oil and clean soil, and it can help to preserve the environment.

  • Liquid Adsorption Mats

    Liquid Adsorption Mats

    We offer a range of adsorption mats to meet your needs, including mats that absorb only oil without absorbing water and mats that absorb all liquids in their entirety.

  • Nanopro Coating

    Nanopro Coating

    When applied to the surface of an object, this hydrophilic coating agent protects the object from dirt. It is odorless and contains no volatile compounds. It forms a hydrophilic film that makes it easy to clean dirt off.

  • Refleshine


    This heat blocking/insulating film helps to conserve energy—simply attach it to the inside of a glass window.
    Using it can reduce heating and cooling costs. As a safety feature, it also prevents glass from shattering.

  • Tri-Color Signal Lights

    Tri-Color Signal Lights

    Compact and lightweight, these tri-color signal lights are easy to carry and can be used to signal/confirm open and close operations in stations, as well as to confirm safety during nighttime work.

  • Leak Seal Tape

    Leak Seal Tape

    With leak seal tape, you can repair pipes even with water spurting from them, providing them with life extension and reinforcement.

  • Strong Anti-Slip Agent Nalgrip

    Strong Anti-Slip Agent Nalgrip

    Nalgrip is an anti-slip agent that is easy to use. Simply dispense it from the tube and apply it. It can be applied to a wide range of materials, such as concrete, wood and stone.

  • Rust Removers

    Rust Removers

    We offer a variety of rust removers, rust conversion agents and anti-corrosive paints to cover any application.

  • Hood Repair Sheets

    Hood Repair Sheets

    This sticker-type hood repair sheet is so easy to use that even first-time users can handle it without problems. Achieving high adhesion and hardness, as well as high strength after curing, it retains its hardened shape stably.