Corporate Philosophy


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  • Trust

    Gain the trust of customers,
    thereby establishing the corporate foundation

  • Contribution

    Contribute to society through
    business operations

  • Harmony

    Make work worthwhile by ensuring there is
    harmony among all employees

Action agenda

Make steadfast efforts,
and commit yourself to work.

Our first president, Torazo Nakamura,

since our founding we have lived by the words,

“make steadfast efforts, and commit yourself to work.”

This precept acts as the standard of behavior for our employees.

Symbol mark

This mark symbolizes“Trust, Contribution, and Harmony,” which is our corporate philosophy.Meanwhile, our action guidelines,
“make steadfast efforts, and commit yourself to work.” are
represented in the stable shape of an equilateral triangle.

Group Management Vision

To become a strong corporate group committed to building trusted quality, growing with customers, and offering new value to society

  • Building trusted quality

    You may not have heard of us, but we are proud to supply products to our customers all over the world.
    We are committed to carrying on creating products that our customers all over the world will be satisfied with.
    We focus on product, service, and delivery quality as we continue to create products our customers all over the world will be happy with.

  • Growing with customers

    Our company started from supplying the railway market and then expanded its business to other markets, such as steelmaking, papermaking, chemicals, construction machinery, ships, and power generation.
    We are committed to contributing to our customers’ business development as they diversify their business portfolios and expand globally.

  • Offering new value to society

    We continue to support the diverse needs of our customers as we propose new solutions.

  • Strong corporation

    Instead of expanding our scale, we focus on improving quality as a means to become a stronger company.
    Regarding our employees as key players in this effort, we strive to improve our quality by encouraging each employee to play to their strengths with a strong belief in themselves.