Frame/Rigging Parts

Frame/Rigging Parts

  • Coupling Bellows

    Coupling Bellows

    These railway car coupling bellows (frame edge coupling bellows) are used on electric trains, electric locomotives, diesel locomotives, passenger cars, and more.
    They use a variety of proprietary technologies, such as a design to increase side rigidity and prevent drooping and an applied design that uses the rubber cloth cutting method to absorb (biased follow-up and biased adaptation) bellow angle displacement against the ceiling or floor swaying.

  • Flexible Airways

    Flexible Airways

    The airways are made from fire-resistant, non-combustible, durable materials and offer reduced ventilation resistance and more.
    They are used on bullet trains, as well as electric locomotives, diesel locomotives, freight cars, and others, as A/C duct couplers and flexible couplers for cooling ducts that protect against heat generated from motors and electronic devices, to improve in-car environments.
    Their specifications can be adapted for use in main electric motors, blowers, air conditioners, main transformers and cooling systems. We can propose and design a flexible airway that meets your requirements.
    Flame-resistant, non-combustible, overseas specification (EN, BS, and ASTM)

  • Window Glass

    Window Glass

    This window glass is used in operation rooms and passenger compartments and can be cut out into various shapes to fit in different locations and cars.

  • Ball Valves

    Ball Valves

    The valves offer excellent operability for use in a wide range of applications.

  • Jumper Couplers

    Jumper Couplers

    These couplers are used to connect and couple rolling stock control circuits and A/C and other electric circuits.

  • Flexible Hoses

    Flexible Hoses

    This flexible exhaust pipe is resistant to, and therefore not damaged by, heat expansion caused by changes in the medium carrying air, liquid, or other substances.
    It offers excellent heat and weather resistance.

  • Interlock Switches

    Interlock Switches

    This switch connects two or more contacts, allowing simultaneous opening/closing of multiple circuits.
    We provide high-quality switches used in various parts found in railway cars.

  • Rail Heaters

    Rail Heaters

    Installed above or below doors used by passengers to exit the railway car, this heater prevents door rails from freezing, allowing for reliable opening/closing in extremely cold regions.
    Conventional products control excessive heat merely by switching the electric circuit on and off. However, recent products often have self-controlling heaters that use a material that enables the heat producing wire to control the temperature.
    (Self-controlling heaters are treated as special order products.)

  • Temperature Relays

    Temperature Relays

    This electrical component is installed in the piping area of engine mechanisms, fluid transmissions, electric water heaters, or other devices. It detects the temperature of fluid flowing through the pipes, and then opens and closes the electric circuit based on a temperature that has been set in advance.

  • Electric Cooling Fan Control Systems

    Electric Cooling Fan Control Systems

    As an ancillary device to our radiators, this electric cooling fan control system controls the speed of electric fans with an inverter so that the engine cooling water is kept at optimum temperature.
    We customize the product specifications according to your requirements.

  • Cooler Units

    Cooler Units

    This operation room cooling system is installed as a retrofit to railway cars that do not have any air conditioning.
    We customize the product specifications according to your requirements.

  • Fuel Leak Detectors

    Fuel Leak Detectors

    These devices measure the amount of air flowing into a fuel tank and detect fuel leaks without being affected by the railway car shaking/moving around. They measure the amount of air inflow and can detect fuel leaks quickly without being affected by the train shaking/moving around. They can be easily installed to existing railway cars without detaching the fuel tank. The detection values and fuel consumption can be recorded on an SD card, allowing you to analyze fuel consumption.
    Their ability to detect leaks with high precision helps to keep railway cars safe.
    Jointly developed and patent-pending with East Japan Railway Company and ACT Electronics Corp.

  • NS Thermos

    NS Thermos

    This non-contact thermal regulator for rolling stock is capable of simultaneously controlling multiple temperatures with a single sensor input.
    We customize the specifications of the product according to your requirements.



    These heat shrinkable tubes make use of a plastic shape-memory effect made possible through electron irradiation. They are used for a wide range of applications, such as bundling power cables and harnesses and protecting against heat or providing insulation.



    IRRAX SLEEVE uses a cross-linked plastic material.
    This large diameter heat-shrinkable tubing is mainly used for outdoors infrastructure applications.

  • Packing and Gaskets

    Packing and Gaskets

    These airtight seals are placed in gaps in engines, reversing gears, and other parts with seams in order to fill in the gaps and prevent liquid or gas from leaking out.
    We offer a range of packing, gaskets, and seals for use in various parts of railway cars.

  • Nuts and Bolts

    Nuts and Bolts

    We offer a range (high-quality, standard and special) of nuts and bolts.

  • Lightning Arresters (for overseas use)

    Lightning Arresters (for overseas use)

    Polymer lightning arresters for railway cars use silicone rubber as the outer coating material instead of conventional porcelain. Compared to porcelain insulator types, they are smaller and lighter and exhibit excellent stain resistance thanks to the high water repellency of silicone rubber.

  • Insulating Jackets

    Insulating Jackets

    This heat-retaining cover maintains machine performance even in cold regions.
    This cold-resistant device keeps a range of railway car parts warm, such as dehumidifier systems and connectors.