New Initiatives

New Initiative

Heat exchangers with a sprayer

Heat Exchangers with a Sprayer

There is a case that air cooling heat exchangers may not be able to achieve the required heat dissipation performance if the temperature difference between the cooled fluid and the outside air cannot be maintained when the outside air temperature is high.

To solve this problem, we have developed a spraying device to be attached to the air intake of large heat exchangers.
By installing the device, water mist spraying into the intake air, which is expected to reduce the intake air temperature.

(Since the temperature drop range varies depending on the installation conditions, each use case must be examined separately.)

Noise Reductin Technology

Noise Reductin Technology

Air-cooled heat exchangers come with an air blower inside, and, thus, noise is structurally unavoidable.
Since large heat exchangers are normally placed outdoors, noise reduction may be required, depending on where it is installed.
To address this challenge, Najico has been developing noise reduction technologies for large heat exchangers, including inverter controls for electric motors and soundproof covers and ducts.
If you are looking for noise reduction measures, please feel free to contact us.

(Since the effectiveness of our solutions varies, depending on the conditions, each use case must be examined separately.)

These are just a few examples. We also make many other efforts and proposals to suit our customers’ needs.