Machines and Equipment

Machines and Equipment

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  • Damper Test Systems

    Damper Test Systems

    This electric-hydraulic servo type test system is easy to operate, making it simple to measure the damping force of oil dampers.

  • Omega Clutch

    Omega Clutch

    This stepless gear box makes the rotational speed of a driven machine widely variable by controlling the amount of slip of the clutch plate.

  • Fluid Couplers

    Fluid Couplers

    Power is transmitted through the oil for smooth acceleration. These also function as torque limiters against sudden overloads while the system is operating at its rated level.

  • Once-through Boilers

    Once-through Boilers

    Once-through boilers are boilers that do not circulate water.
    We offer a wide lineup of products, from large boilers for use in community heating/cooling and on factory production lines (as with all types of boilers [water pipe, furnace tube fire pipe, once-through, and remaining heat]), to home heating and hot water supply boilers.

  • Najico Evacuators

    Najico Evacuators

    This system ventilates smoke to ensure an evacuation route inside the cab during a fire.
    With a number of technical improvements made in order to respond to the changing times and diversifying demands, it plays an important role in protecting the lives and valuables of passengers.

  • Emergency Power Generators

    Emergency Power Generators

    It is a legal obligation to install power supply systems that work during power outages for sprinklers, emergency elevators and other disaster prevention equipment and emergency devices. Emergency power generators are one such system.
    This emergency gas turbine power generator is for use during power outages or disasters. It is easy to operate and maintain.

  • Washers


    We carry a wide range of washers for various kinds of stains to meet your needs.
    We can propose an integrated solution that includes a detergent, depending on your needs.

  • Piping Thread Rolling Machines

    Piping Thread Rolling Machines

    Mounted on existing pipe machines, these make it possible to perform thread rolling with the same operation.

  • Band Saws

    Band Saws

    Band saws are a power tool capable of cutting through metal and other materials.
    This band saw offers superior cutting precision and safety.

  • Wheel Cutting Instruments

    Wheel Cutting Instruments

    By using these various tip breakers with different materials, the tools that are used along with the railway wheel lathes can work more effectively and last longer. The high reliability achieved by Absotech Platinum coating, which eliminates chipping, and the improved cutting performance and reduced vibrations of the RW-type tip breaker realize absolutely stable machining.

  • Synthetic Sleepers

    Synthetic Sleepers

    Composed of long glass fiber and rigid polyurethane foam, these synthetic sleepers boast a long service life.
    As they are manufactured using the integrated molding method with metal molds, they can be any shape.
    Highly appreciated for their noise and vibration reduction effects, they are mainly used for railroad switches and bridges.

  • Rail Grinders

    Rail Grinders

    This rail grinder uses 3B wheels made with new materials. The beautiful, delicate finish is realized by grinding the surfaces of rails while sweeping them in the vertical direction against the direction of rail travel with a soft, weak force.
    A lightweight, easily portable type powered by lithium-ion batteries is also available.

  • Rechargeable Super Special LED Light TRACE-2000A

    Rechargeable Super Special LED Light TRACE-2000A

    Developed under the supervision of the crime laboratory of the Metropolitan Police Department, this LED light is suitable for inspecting scratches, dents and stains.

  • Refill Battery Generator G-CROSS

    Refill Battery Generator G-CROSS

    G-CROSS is a refill battery generator that can work infinitely by continually replacing its four cartridge-type batteries. It can be used outdoors even in the rain thanks to its drip-proof design. Emitting no exhaust gas, this low-noise generator can be used for any application.

  • Rechargeable Special LED Floodlight X-teraso

    Rechargeable Special LED Floodlight X-teraso

    A battery-powered floodlight that needs no generator. Lightweight and easily portable, this flexible-arm-type floodlight can be transformed into any shape, as well as illuminate the exact area you want to light up. This silent and emission free floodlight is also suitable for indoors, and by using back-up batteries, it can be used continuously even in times of disasters.
    It can be used outdoors even in the rain thanks to its drip-proof design. Emitting no exhaust gas, this low-noise generator can be used for any application.

  • Silvent Air Nozzles

    Silvent Air Nozzles

    Silvent air nozzles were created in Sweden to meet the strict workplace noise standards in Europe.
    They are designed to straighten air to reduce noise, improve workability, and increase efficiency.
    We offer a range of air guns to meet your needs.
    Among railway operators, they are mainly used to unclog filters, remove dust from the inner and outer surfaces of air control and switch components and remove dust from destination signs.

  • 3R Videoscopes

    3R Videoscopes

    This industrial endoscope for non-destructive visual inspection and testing can be used for quality assurance, maintenance, production, research and development and more. It offers a maximum resolution of 300,000 pixels Videos can be stored on an SD card.

  • Lifters


    Lifters are used to work at elevated heights, including equipment/interior finishing work and maintenance that uses the non-scaffolding construction method.
    The ENTL series is designed not only to increase work efficiency but also to make transportation and maintenance easier.
    The ENCL series offers easy spin and pivot turns. They can be kept outdoors.

  • Pit Lifts

    Pit Lifts

    We offer pit lifts perfect for quick maintenance and undercarriage maintenance.

  • High-Place Work Platforms

    High-Place Work Platforms

    Using our proven drawing data, work methods and other expertise, we can make a maintenance work platform that meets your requirements.
    We can also improve and modify your initial model.