Corporate Social Responsibility


About our CSR

Companies are expected to make voluntary and proactive efforts to fulfill their social responsibility, including consideration for the global environment and the protection of personal and customer information.
We are committed to improving employee satisfaction by ensuring that our employees can lead rich and happy lives through enjoyable and rewarding work, as well as implementing environmentally friendly and protective activities, compliance with laws and regulations, appropriate information management, and providing sincere customer service.

Code of Ethics

We use our Code of Ethics as our primary, basic guideline in realizing our Corporate Policy and Corporate Philosophy.

Behavioral guidelines

  • We must always conduct fair corporate activities under free competition, with a focus on improving customer satisfaction.
  • Executives and officers must strive to create a safe and rewarding work environment.
  • We must strive to conduct our business promptly, with integrity as our top priority.
  • We must always strive to improve and discipline ourselves so that we can respond to changes agilely.


  • We must comply with all laws and regulations, and under no circumstances should we violate them.

Environmental efforts

  • We must strive to reduce our impact on the environment and recognize environmental efforts as key challenges in our corporate activities.

Contribution to Local Communities

Social contribution activities through our business

We contribute to the development of society as a whole by enhancing our customers’ corporate value through our products.

Support for next generation education through industry-academia collaboration

To pass on the spirit of craftsmanship to children who will lead the next generation, we actively promote industry-academia collaboration that is intended to research and develop new technologies and create new businesses.
We also provide educational support through our CEO’s lectures at universities and group company tours for students.

Support for sport

We sponsor and root for Tokyo Football Club, a traditional football club derived from Tokyo Gas Football Club founded in 1935.

Contribution to Local Communities

We take part in festivals at Tsukiji Honganji Temple and Namiyoke Shrine.

Human Resources and Job Satisfaction

Human resources are the foundation of our business.
We make various efforts to ensure that our employees can demonstrate their full potential and play active roles.

Human resource development

We help our employees improve their skills by providing them with a wide range of programs and training opportunities.

  • We help our employees fulfill their roles by providing them with stratified education.
  • We support our employees’ personal development by providing them with distance learning courses.
  • We help each employee improve their abilities through management by objectives (MBO) and job descriptions.
  • We provide our employees with opportunities to play active roles while helping them improve their abilities through daily OJT.
  • We provide our employees with education according to their occupations, such as engineering, sales, repair and overseas operations.

Diversity promotion

We strive to ensure that people with diverse values, abilities and backgrounds, including gender, age, race and nationality and employment status, can fully demonstrate their abilities.

  • We help our employees balance work and family life by enforcing rules on childcare and nursing care leave and providing them with work environments that meet their needs.
  • We employ people with disabilities and provide them with work environments that meet their needs.
  • We offer all of our employees opportunities to succeed. We do not allow gender discrimination in assigning positions and regard everyone as a career-track employee.

Health promotion

Employees’ physical and mental health is a fundamental prerequisite for the company.
We strive to promote employee health.

  • We offer stretching lessons, which our employees can freely attend.
  • Medical checkups and guidance to prevent lifestyle-related diseases are provided to employees by the health insurance association the company is affiliated with (for employees aged 40 years or older).
  • We have our employees have stress checks and then provide them with necessary support based on the results.
  • We have a consultation counter in place to support employees’ mental health.

Committee activities

In our company and group companies, our employees can participate in committee activities to experience a wide range of work and help improve the company.

  • Labor Committee: The committee concludes the Article-36 agreement, as well as proposes revisions to various rules.
  • Najico Symposium Committee: Najico and its six group companies make presentations on their efforts to realize the entire group’s management vision.
  • Company Newsletter Committee: The committee publishes the company newsletter four times a year, covering what happened in each group company as well as employee information.

Environmental Conservation

We are engaged in various efforts to protect the global environment.

Reduce power consumption

  • We ensure that the temperature of our air conditioning systems is under control.
  • We encourage our employees to dress down during summer and keep the ACs in the office at 28℃, in line with Japan’s Cool Biz Campaign.

Reduce waste

  • We work to reduce paper usage by systemizing our business processes and converting documents into data.

Provide, service and promote product solutions that contribute to environmental conservation

  • We develop products that are superior in durability.
  • We develop materials and products that help extend service life.
  • We develop technologies to reuse parts.
  • We offer repair services to reduce waste parts.

ISO 14001 certification

  • Two of our group companies (factories), Najico Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and NST Manufacturing Co., Ltd., work to protect the environment according to ISO 14001.

Crisis Management

Improve emergency response measures

In the event of a large-scale disaster, terrorist attack or other unforeseen event, we will strive to restore our business structure as soon as possible, ensuring our employees’ safety and minimizing and preventing the expansion of damage.

  • We perform a drill every year according to our Business Continuity Plan (BCP) manual.
  • We have a safety confirmation system in place to ensure that our employees’ safety can be confirmed.
  • Our server is located in a data center in order to mitigate the risk of a system failure due to breakdowns or power outages in the event of an emergency.

Implement information security measures

We strive to strengthen our information security, a key component of crisis management.

  • We have protective measures in place against increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks and computer viruses.
  • We have protective measures in place against information leakage from internet environments.
  • Our server is located in a data center and is secured with biometric authentication, 24-hour monitoring with security cameras and other measures.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer needs change with the times.
We provide high-quality products and services, as well as actively present proposals, from our customers’ perspectives to increase their convenience, comfort and satisfaction.

Understand and reflect customer needs

  • We visit our customers regularly as part of our daily sales activity so that we can understand their needs.
  • We conduct an annual customer satisfaction survey for each of our operations.
  • We share customer feedback and survey results with our group companies’ factories and suppliers in order for their manufacturing and sales functions to work together to make improvements.
  • We are never satisfied with the status quo; we plan an improvement strategy for each operation each year and reflect it in our business plan for the following period.

Employee education

  • In our daily sales activities, we practice and train our employees to adopt
    the “Three Reals” approach. (Go to the actual site; look at the actual thing; and understand the actual facts.)
  • We conduct group training multiple times a year for each operation in order to gain knowledge of our products and services, as well as of our industry in general, and apply it in our daily sales and proposal activities.
  • We share information on defects and complaints and ensure necessary preventive measures are in place.