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General railroad trading company with over 90 years of tradition and innovation

We sell a variety of rolling stock parts and maintenance systems to JR (Japan Railways), private Japanese railways, seaside railways and third sector companies, as well as to iron manufacturers for their on-premises locomotives.
We also develop and offer new products to suit our customers’ needs.
Products are sold through our nation-wide network, where they are supplied from our distribution location to customers throughout Japan, and are embedded in railway cars by rolling stock manufacturers for railways all over the world.

Oversea Expansion

Overseas expansion
  • We continue to expand our rolling stock parts business throughout the world.

    We develop new markets by offering products produced by Japanese parts manufacturers to overseas clients.
    We also bring products produced by overseas manufacturers to Japan.

  • We provide a follow-up service for the parts we supply to customers.

    We are working to expand our network to markets in South Korea, Myanmar, Brazil, and other countries.
    We continue to expand our markets with the technical support and backup of manufacturers inside and outside Japan.

  • We actively gather information on overseas railway markets and share that information with our customers.

    We strive to gather information from exhibitions all over the world.
    We are building a network with railway manufacturers and railway-related companies all over the world.

Shinnajicokosan Co., Ltd.

Our Distribution Location

To quickly provide our customers with what they want, we have a distribution station in Moriya, Ibaraki Prefecture.
We stock 50,000 parts in our 8,600 ㎡ premises and deliver them to our customers quickly and in accordance with their car maintenance plans.
We provide a wide range of products to meet any customer need, including not only replacement parts for regular car maintenance but also parts which normally take time to procure and imported products.
We store and maintain incoming products appropriately, sorting them by parts, and we carefully pack and ship them in order to maintain quality until delivery.

Logistics/real estate management
2-32-2, Midori, Moriya City, Ibaraki Prefecture, 3020106 Japan