Bogie Parts

Bogie Parts

  • Oil Dampers

    Oil Dampers

    Axial dampers, lateral dampers, yaw dampers and inter-car yaw dampers generate a damping force from the fluid resistance of the oil, which buffers vehicle swaying and impact, and thus are used to ensure a comfortable ride and increased running stability.

  • Semi-active Suspension Systems

    Semi-active Suspension Systems

    This system uses external vibration energy instead of a power source to control railway car vibration.

  • Rubber Bushes

    Rubber Bushes

    We offer rubber bushes with superior durability that realize both safety and a comfortable ride by taking up vertical, longitudinal and lateral vibration/loads.

  • Axle Beam Rubber Bushes

    Axle Beam Rubber Bushes

    These rubber bushes serve as longitudinal and lateral suspensions for axle beam type bogies. With their damping force characteristics engineered to have appropriate values, they absorb vibrations during travel to help provide a comfortable ride.

  • Air Suspensions

    Air Suspensions

    These diaphragm-type air suspensions use a gentle suspension constant that leverages the characteristics of air to absorb vertical and horizontal vibration.
    Significantly reducing the vibrations transmitted from wheels to car, they are an integral component to improve ride comfort.

  • Automatic Leveling Valves

    Automatic Leveling Valves

    These supply air to the air suspension or ventilate air from it in order to keep the railway car at the same height regardless of changes in the frame weight.

  • Caliper Brakes

    Caliper Brakes

    Compact and lightweight, this hydraulic caliper brake realizes great braking force and a high level of safety, which are crucial to today’s high-speed trains.
    During normal operations, it controls the traveling speed, and in emergency situations, it reliably and quickly stops the wheels from turning.

  • Disc Brake Lining

    Disc Brake Lining

    Made from rubber/steel materials, this lining pushes against the brake disc to stop the axle.
    It lessens vibration and swaying in the frame during operation.
    It brakes by pinching the wheel with the rotating disks.

  • Car Brake Shoes

    Car Brake Shoes

    A brake shoe is a friction material that is pressed against the face of a railroad car wheel that is in contact with the rail, in order to reduce the speed of a train.
    One or two brake shoes are built into each wheel. They also perform the function of cleaning wheel surfaces.

  • Wearing Plates

    Wearing Plates

    Installed on bogies and sliding parts, wearing plates lessen vibration and swaying in the frame during operation.

  • Tread Cleaning Systems

    Tread Cleaning Systems

    The system keeps the wheel tread clean, preventing reduction of the friction coefficient between the wheel and rail when the brake is applied.

  • OILES Bearings

    OILES Bearings

    OILES bearings refer to sliding bearings that either require less oil, lower oiling frequency, or no oil at all.
    OILES bearings demonstrate superior durability and performance stability even under harsh conditions where normal sliding bearings would not be able to maintain performance, and they are thus used in a wide range of applications.

  • Motor Suspension Units

    Motor Suspension Units

    These units are used with the nose suspension drive method (where power is transmitted from the motor to axles), which is a drive method for electric locomotives, and they use bearings that can withstand heavy loads. The suspension and roller bearing design offers superior maintainability and features a structure that is clearly visible when checking its condition.

  • Earth Return Devices

    Earth Return Devices

    The electric current flowing from the frame is directed to the rail through the axles and wheels without passing through the bearings, protecting against electrolytic corrosion and other issues.

  • Journal Bearings

    Journal Bearings

    TIMKEN high-tech design bearings feature precise tolerances, a proprietary internal shape, and high-quality materials.
    Tapered, self-aligning, cylindrical, thrust, ball, sliding, ultra small, precise and integrated unit bearings offer robust performance, consistency, and reliability.
    These high performance conical roller bearings offer excellent durability and product life.
    We offer a range of TIMKEN tapered roller bearings to meet your usage conditions, from standard grade to ultra-precise grade. Select from a rich lineup of variations, such as single row, multi-row, or combined, according to the load conditions.