Operation Room/Guest Room Equipment-related Parts

Operation Room/Guest Room Equipment-related Parts

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  • Driver’s Seat

    Driver’s Seat

    These lightweight seats offer excellent safety against impacts.

  • Seats


    These seats are lightweight and safe against impacts and are also comfortable.

  • In-Car Broadcast Communication Systems/ Emergency Report Systems

    In-Car Broadcast Communication Systems/ Emergency Report Systems

    We provide customers with safety, peace of mind, and comfort through various broadcast systems and passenger information systems.

  • Security Cameras

    Security Cameras

    Security cameras deter people from engaging in dangerous behaviors and help increase safety in cars.

  • Heaters


    This suspended-type electric heater keeps passenger compartments and operation rooms at a comfortable temperature.
    Because of its high reliability, it is adopted by JR (Japan Railways), private railways and vehicle manufacturers.

  • Floor Coating Material

    Floor Coating Material

    U-100NEO is a urethane-coated material with a low VOC. With hardly any smell, it offers superior workability.
    Its superior impact and stain resistance allows for a seamless finish.
    It does not peel even when washed with water.

  • Fluorescent Lamp Inverters

    Fluorescent Lamp Inverters

    This product is used to generate different frequencies to start fluorescent lamps in trains.

  • Railway LED Fluorescent Lights

    Railway LED Fluorescent Lights

    These LED lights for use inside railway cars are manufactured by the rolling stock company Kawasaki Railcar Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
    Meeting strict railway industry requirements, they have been used by many railway operators.
    They use a reflective plate to provide gentle light within the railway car.

  • Lighting-Mounted Security Cameras

    Lighting-Mounted Security Cameras

    These security cameras can be easily installed on existing lighting fixtures mounted on railway cars, allowing for flexibility in locations they are installed in.
    Recording data is stored on an SD card and can be replayed with dedicated viewer software.

  • Compact Air Purification System

    Compact Air Purification System

    This air purification system with plasmacluster technology was developed jointly by Sharp Corporation and Kawasaki Railcar Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
    With a built-in power supply compatible with different voltages, it makes wiring work easier and can be installed without any major modifications to a railway car.

  • Tumbler Switches

    Tumbler Switches

    These switches are for opening and closing electrical circuits.
    They offer reliable cut off, smooth operation, and high durability.

  • Pressure Gauges

    Pressure Gauges

    These products are installed in operation rooms to show any gathered air and the air pressure in brake cylinders and other parts.
    These easy-to-use pressure gauges offer excellent reliability and a wide measurement range.

  • No Fuse Breakers

    No Fuse Breakers

    Designed for rolling stock, the DB, RK and RSY series offer excellent vibration and impact resistance.
    Actual load: At 100 AF or higher, they are capable of enduring energized open/close operations 6000 times. (Eight years with two open-close operations/day) They have been in production since 1966 and, thus, are easy to update.

  • DC Disconnect Terminal Blocks

    DC Disconnect Terminal Blocks

    With a DC disconnect terminal block, electrical current can be cut off during pressure testing just by pulling the knob without the need to disconnect any wiring. They offer advantages such as increased work efficiency and preventing incorrect wiring.

  • Operation Room Switches

    Operation Room Switches

    Operation room switches are used to manually or automatically turn on/off switches in operation rooms.