A 90th Anniversary Commemorative Music: “Towards a Shining Future”

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As a commemoration of the 90th anniversary of our company’s foundation, a commemorative music entitled, “Towards a Shining Future,” was composed.
We have requested Minoru Mukaiya, a music producer and the President and Representative Director of ONGAKUKAN Co., Ltd. to compose this piece.
Check out our 90th Anniversary Commemorative Music:Towards a Shining Future below.

“Towards a Shining Future”composer:Minoru Mukaiya

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Scene from the recording day

Scene from the recording day

We are pleased to share remarks from Minoru Mukaiya, the composer of this commemorative music, and from our President, Hiroki Nakamura.

Minoru Mukaiya

When President Nakamura personally reached out to me with the idea of composing a music commemorating the 90th anniversary of the company’s founding, the creative concept for the music instantly materialized in my mind.

Although I’m primarily known as a musician, I also serve as a corporate executive involved in railway-related business, where I encounter various challenges and complexities in corporate management.

In this music, I clearly aimed to articulate the journey of a company striving for continuous growth and advancement towards the future. The music starts softly, reflecting the journey of overcoming diverse challenges. It evolves through changes in key, symbolizing the emergence of new ideas and directions. Ultimately, it concludes with a serene encapsulation of the entire experience, portraying the creation of a resilient and enduring legacy. This narrative is at the core of “Towards a Shining Future.”

Congratulations on the 90th anniversary of your company’s establishment.

President Hiroki Nakamura

Thanks to your generous support, Najico has proudly celebrated its 90th anniversary.

This milestone could not have been achieved without the gracious support and assistance from our business partners and local communities.
We deeply acknowledge and appreciate the substantial backing from all of you.

Additionally, we recognize and are grateful for our employees, whose steadfast dedication and hard work have been fundamental to our company’s journey and achievements. Since taking on the role of president in 2007, the path has not been always straightforward and smooth. As we approach our 100th anniversary, however, I am acutely aware of the need to return to our starting point, enhance our technical and service capabilities, and consistently deliver the high-quality products our customers trust.

Recently, we requested a notable musician as well as a corporate executive, Minoru Mukaiya, to create a musical piece for our 90th-anniversary celebration. As a fellow business leader, he is familiar with the challenges and rewards of corporate management. His insights are fully incorporated into the commemorative music he created, inspiring in us a feeling of our company’s bright future.

As we commemorate our 90th year, we are committed to advancing towards our centennial with renewed dedication, embodied in the spirit of “Towards a Shining Future,” which we proudly share with you.