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From every corner of railway cars, we help keep trains with many passengers on board running reliably every day.
Safe and accurate operations on schedule is a basic condition for railways.
We ensure this basic yet strict condition is fulfilled every day.

Bogie parts

We also apply our vast experience and advanced technologies to internal-combustion locomotives, such as diesels.
We always maintain an even-tempered and realistic perspective when it comes to our passionate and flexible ideas toward challenging new technologies.
In addition to supplying outstanding products and parts, our extensive after-sales service has earned us the trust of our customers.

Diesel rolling stock parts

Trains do more than carry passengers—they also carry hopes and dreams. In addition to rapidly and reliably carrying passengers and cargo, trains must provide a high level of comfort.
From the seats to the lighting and heaters, we pay careful attention to passenger spaces to ensure comfortableness, as well as to the driver’s seat, an important point when it comes to operational safety.

Operation room/guest room parts

We use our technological strengths to create clean and comfortable spaces. One example is A/C equipment that reduces noise during operation and supports extreme temperature changes.
Our long history of railway car technologies provides support for high-speed transportation—today and in the future.

Frame/rigging parts

There is more to rolling stock than just supplying superior parts.
Maintenance and management—and the test systems to support them—are also crucial elements in offering safe and comfortable operations every day.
We provide various related parts, products, and test systems in order to offer wide-ranging support to customers.

Machines and equipment

We offer a wide range of products to fulfill customer needs, according to changes in the railroad industry.
We can also offer products not listed here to suit your needs.