• Oil Dampers

    Oil Dampers

    Axial dampers, lateral dampers, yaw dampers and inter-car yaw dampers generate a damping force from the fluid resistance of the oil, which buffers vehicle swaying and impact, and thus are used to ensure a comfortable ride and increased running stability.

  • Semi-active Suspension Systems

    Semi-active Suspension Systems

    This system uses external vibration energy instead of a power source to control railway car vibration.

  • Rubber Bushes

    Rubber Bushes

    We offer rubber bushes with superior durability that realize both safety and a comfortable ride by taking up vertical, longitudinal and lateral vibration/loads.

  • Axle Beam Rubber Bushes

    Axle Beam Rubber Bushes

    These rubber bushes serve as longitudinal and lateral suspensions for axle beam type bogies. With their damping force characteristics engineered to have appropriate values, they absorb vibrations during travel to help provide a comfortable ride.

  • Air Suspensions

    Air Suspensions

    These diaphragm-type air suspensions use a gentle suspension constant that leverages the characteristics of air to absorb vertical and horizontal vibration.
    Significantly reducing the vibrations transmitted from wheels to car, they are an integral component to improve ride comfort.

  • Automatic Leveling Valves

    Automatic Leveling Valves

    These supply air to the air suspension or ventilate air from it in order to keep the railway car at the same height regardless of changes in the frame weight.

  • Caliper Brakes

    Caliper Brakes

    Compact and lightweight, this hydraulic caliper brake realizes great braking force and a high level of safety, which are crucial to today’s high-speed trains.
    During normal operations, it controls the traveling speed, and in emergency situations, it reliably and quickly stops the wheels from turning.

  • Disc Brake Lining

    Disc Brake Lining

    Made from rubber/steel materials, this lining pushes against the brake disc to stop the axle.
    It lessens vibration and swaying in the frame during operation.
    It brakes by pinching the wheel with the rotating disks.

  • Car Brake Shoes

    Car Brake Shoes

    A brake shoe is a friction material that is pressed against the face of a railroad car wheel that is in contact with the rail, in order to reduce the speed of a train.
    One or two brake shoes are built into each wheel. They also perform the function of cleaning wheel surfaces.

  • Wearing Plates

    Wearing Plates

    Installed on bogies and sliding parts, wearing plates lessen vibration and swaying in the frame during operation.

  • Tread Cleaning Systems

    Tread Cleaning Systems

    The system keeps the wheel tread clean, preventing reduction of the friction coefficient between the wheel and rail when the brake is applied.

  • OILES Bearings

    OILES Bearings

    OILES bearings refer to sliding bearings that either require less oil, lower oiling frequency, or no oil at all.
    OILES bearings demonstrate superior durability and performance stability even under harsh conditions where normal sliding bearings would not be able to maintain performance, and they are thus used in a wide range of applications.

  • Motor Suspension Units

    Motor Suspension Units

    These units are used with the nose suspension drive method (where power is transmitted from the motor to axles), which is a drive method for electric locomotives, and they use bearings that can withstand heavy loads. The suspension and roller bearing design offers superior maintainability and features a structure that is clearly visible when checking its condition.

  • Earth Return Devices

    Earth Return Devices

    The electric current flowing from the frame is directed to the rail through the axles and wheels without passing through the bearings, protecting against electrolytic corrosion and other issues.

  • Journal Bearings

    Journal Bearings

    TIMKEN high-tech design bearings feature precise tolerances, a proprietary internal shape, and high-quality materials.
    Tapered, self-aligning, cylindrical, thrust, ball, sliding, ultra small, precise and integrated unit bearings offer robust performance, consistency, and reliability.
    These high performance conical roller bearings offer excellent durability and product life.
    We offer a range of TIMKEN tapered roller bearings to meet your usage conditions, from standard grade to ultra-precise grade. Select from a rich lineup of variations, such as single row, multi-row, or combined, according to the load conditions.

  • Diesel Engines

    Diesel Engines

    This diesel engine is light and compact, and it offers excellent durability, maintainability, and economy. We supply this product as a rolling stock diesel engine to a wide range of customers, including JR (Japan Railways), private railways, and third sector companies.

  • Hydraulic Transmissions

    Hydraulic Transmissions

    These split the direct coupled step into multiple steps and use the maximum output of the engine even at medium speeds in an attempt to increase transmission efficiency and improve acceleration. You can select from different models suitable for different types of railway cars, from express to standard vehicles.

  • CSU (constant speed unit)

    CSU (constant speed unit)

    The hydraulic multiple-plate slip clutch and electronic control automatically adjust the pushing pressure of the clutch plate according to the speed of the engine in order to maintain a constant speed.
    It automatically shifts up to the optimal gear based on changes in the engine rotation speed, improving transmission efficiency.

  • Starting Motors

    Starting Motors

    This motor is used to start the engine.
    An engine starts when the built-in gears of the motor engage the engine gears and transmit rotational force to the engine. It is also sometimes called a “starter” or “starter motor.”

  • Reduction Gear

    Reduction Gear

    This device changes the direction of the rotational force transmitted along the drive shaft from the engine/fluid transmission, and it also reduces the speed and transmits the rotational force to the wheels.
    Reduction gears used to be integrated with a reversing and reduction gears. Recent transmissions, however, contain a built-in reversing mechanism, and so today’s reduction gears have a simpler structure made up mainly with gears.

  • Preheaters


    Normally, when the engine does not warm up, it is impossible to increase the temperature of the coolant or the heat source for warming that flows through the frame. This system, however, uses a boiler to warm the coolant, allowing it to warm the railway car.
    In addition to warming coolant in the engine and easily starting the engine during cold weather, it also works extremely well as an auxiliary heat source for a hydronic heater to conserve energy and provide comfortable heating.

  • Mufflers


    Offering excellent durability, this muffler has been widely installed in diesel rolling stock and locomotives since JR (Japan Railways) was Japanese National Railways.

  • Fuel Tanks

    Fuel Tanks

    We manufacture fuel tanks to support a range of diesel/internal-combustion engine trains and locomotives.

  • Water Tanks

    Water Tanks

    These large water tanks for locomotives offer superior durability.

  • Auxiliary Device Drive System Parts

    Auxiliary Device Drive System Parts

    These systems are for transmitting engine drive force to auxiliary devices, such as radiators and alternators.

  • Drive Shafts and Auxiliary Device Drive Shafts (Najico product)

    Drive Shafts and Auxiliary Device Drive Shafts (Najico product)

    These devices transmit power to rotation shafts that are not in line with the drive. We provide products that are designed and manufactured in-house to meet your needs.

  • Cooler/Radiator/Oil Cooler (Najico product)

    Cooler/Radiator/Oil Cooler (Najico product)

    Mainly used for engine cooling/hydraulic oil cooling/compressed air cooling for diesel rolling stock. We supply various types of heat exchangers for rolling stock inside and outside Japan. In addition to radiator cores, we also design and manufacture cooling systems and supply cooling systems with fan control functionality for diesel-hybrid railway cars.

  • Rooftop Cooling System (Najico product)

    Rooftop Cooling System (Najico product)

    As a compact, integrated cooling system, this product is used in power-supply cars for passenger cars and the like.

  • Driver’s Seat

    Driver’s Seat

    These lightweight seats offer excellent safety against impacts.

  • Seats


    These seats are lightweight and safe against impacts and are also comfortable.

  • In-Car Broadcast Communication Systems/ Emergency Report Systems

    In-Car Broadcast Communication Systems/ Emergency Report Systems

    We provide customers with safety, peace of mind, and comfort through various broadcast systems and passenger information systems.

  • Security Cameras

    Security Cameras

    Security cameras deter people from engaging in dangerous behaviors and help increase safety in cars.

  • Heaters


    This suspended-type electric heater keeps passenger compartments and operation rooms at a comfortable temperature.
    Because of its high reliability, it is adopted by JR (Japan Railways), private railways and vehicle manufacturers.

  • Floor Coating Material

    Floor Coating Material

    U-100NEO is a urethane-coated material with a low VOC. With hardly any smell, it offers superior workability.
    Its superior impact and stain resistance allows for a seamless finish.
    It does not peel even when washed with water.

  • Fluorescent Lamp Inverters

    Fluorescent Lamp Inverters

    This product is used to generate different frequencies to start fluorescent lamps in trains.

  • Railway LED Fluorescent Lights

    Railway LED Fluorescent Lights

    These LED lights for use inside railway cars are manufactured by the rolling stock company Kawasaki Railcar Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
    Meeting strict railway industry requirements, they have been used by many railway operators.
    They use a reflective plate to provide gentle light within the railway car.

  • Lighting-Mounted Security Cameras

    Lighting-Mounted Security Cameras

    These security cameras can be easily installed on existing lighting fixtures mounted on railway cars, allowing for flexibility in locations they are installed in.
    Recording data is stored on an SD card and can be replayed with dedicated viewer software.

  • Compact Air Purification System

    Compact Air Purification System

    This air purification system with plasmacluster technology was developed jointly by Sharp Corporation and Kawasaki Railcar Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
    With a built-in power supply compatible with different voltages, it makes wiring work easier and can be installed without any major modifications to a railway car.

  • Tumbler Switches

    Tumbler Switches

    These switches are for opening and closing electrical circuits.
    They offer reliable cut off, smooth operation, and high durability.

  • Pressure Gauges

    Pressure Gauges

    These products are installed in operation rooms to show any gathered air and the air pressure in brake cylinders and other parts.
    These easy-to-use pressure gauges offer excellent reliability and a wide measurement range.

  • No Fuse Breakers

    No Fuse Breakers

    Designed for rolling stock, the DB, RK and RSY series offer excellent vibration and impact resistance.
    Actual load: At 100 AF or higher, they are capable of enduring energized open/close operations 6000 times. (Eight years with two open-close operations/day) They have been in production since 1966 and, thus, are easy to update.

  • DC Disconnect Terminal Blocks

    DC Disconnect Terminal Blocks

    With a DC disconnect terminal block, electrical current can be cut off during pressure testing just by pulling the knob without the need to disconnect any wiring. They offer advantages such as increased work efficiency and preventing incorrect wiring.

  • Operation Room Switches

    Operation Room Switches

    Operation room switches are used to manually or automatically turn on/off switches in operation rooms.

  • Coupling Bellows

    Coupling Bellows

    These railway car coupling bellows (frame edge coupling bellows) are used on electric trains, electric locomotives, diesel locomotives, passenger cars, and more.
    They use a variety of proprietary technologies, such as a design to increase side rigidity and prevent drooping and an applied design that uses the rubber cloth cutting method to absorb (biased follow-up and biased adaptation) bellow angle displacement against the ceiling or floor swaying.

  • Flexible Airways

    Flexible Airways

    The airways are made from fire-resistant, non-combustible, durable materials and offer reduced ventilation resistance and more.
    They are used on bullet trains, as well as electric locomotives, diesel locomotives, freight cars, and others, as A/C duct couplers and flexible couplers for cooling ducts that protect against heat generated from motors and electronic devices, to improve in-car environments.
    Their specifications can be adapted for use in main electric motors, blowers, air conditioners, main transformers and cooling systems. We can propose and design a flexible airway that meets your requirements.
    Flame-resistant, non-combustible, overseas specification (EN, BS, and ASTM)

  • Window Glass

    Window Glass

    This window glass is used in operation rooms and passenger compartments and can be cut out into various shapes to fit in different locations and cars.

  • Ball Valves

    Ball Valves

    The valves offer excellent operability for use in a wide range of applications.

  • Jumper Couplers

    Jumper Couplers

    These couplers are used to connect and couple rolling stock control circuits and A/C and other electric circuits.

  • Flexible Hoses

    Flexible Hoses

    This flexible exhaust pipe is resistant to, and therefore not damaged by, heat expansion caused by changes in the medium carrying air, liquid, or other substances.
    It offers excellent heat and weather resistance.

  • Interlock Switches

    Interlock Switches

    This switch connects two or more contacts, allowing simultaneous opening/closing of multiple circuits.
    We provide high-quality switches used in various parts found in railway cars.

  • Rail Heaters

    Rail Heaters

    Installed above or below doors used by passengers to exit the railway car, this heater prevents door rails from freezing, allowing for reliable opening/closing in extremely cold regions.
    Conventional products control excessive heat merely by switching the electric circuit on and off. However, recent products often have self-controlling heaters that use a material that enables the heat producing wire to control the temperature.
    (Self-controlling heaters are treated as special order products.)

  • Temperature Relays

    Temperature Relays

    This electrical component is installed in the piping area of engine mechanisms, fluid transmissions, electric water heaters, or other devices. It detects the temperature of fluid flowing through the pipes, and then opens and closes the electric circuit based on a temperature that has been set in advance.

  • Electric Cooling Fan Control Systems

    Electric Cooling Fan Control Systems

    As an ancillary device to our radiators, this electric cooling fan control system controls the speed of electric fans with an inverter so that the engine cooling water is kept at optimum temperature.
    We customize the product specifications according to your requirements.

  • Cooler Units

    Cooler Units

    This operation room cooling system is installed as a retrofit to railway cars that do not have any air conditioning.
    We customize the product specifications according to your requirements.

  • Fuel Leak Detectors

    Fuel Leak Detectors

    These devices measure the amount of air flowing into a fuel tank and detect fuel leaks without being affected by the railway car shaking/moving around. They measure the amount of air inflow and can detect fuel leaks quickly without being affected by the train shaking/moving around. They can be easily installed to existing railway cars without detaching the fuel tank. The detection values and fuel consumption can be recorded on an SD card, allowing you to analyze fuel consumption.
    Their ability to detect leaks with high precision helps to keep railway cars safe.
    Jointly developed and patent-pending with East Japan Railway Company and ACT Electronics Corp.

  • NS Thermos

    NS Thermos

    This non-contact thermal regulator for rolling stock is capable of simultaneously controlling multiple temperatures with a single sensor input.
    We customize the specifications of the product according to your requirements.



    These heat shrinkable tubes make use of a plastic shape-memory effect made possible through electron irradiation. They are used for a wide range of applications, such as bundling power cables and harnesses and protecting against heat or providing insulation.



    IRRAX SLEEVE uses a cross-linked plastic material.
    This large diameter heat-shrinkable tubing is mainly used for outdoors infrastructure applications.

  • Packing and Gaskets

    Packing and Gaskets

    These airtight seals are placed in gaps in engines, reversing gears, and other parts with seams in order to fill in the gaps and prevent liquid or gas from leaking out.
    We offer a range of packing, gaskets, and seals for use in various parts of railway cars.

  • Nuts and Bolts

    Nuts and Bolts

    We offer a range (high-quality, standard and special) of nuts and bolts.

  • Lightning Arresters (for overseas use)

    Lightning Arresters (for overseas use)

    Polymer lightning arresters for railway cars use silicone rubber as the outer coating material instead of conventional porcelain. Compared to porcelain insulator types, they are smaller and lighter and exhibit excellent stain resistance thanks to the high water repellency of silicone rubber.

  • Insulating Jackets

    Insulating Jackets

    This heat-retaining cover maintains machine performance even in cold regions.
    This cold-resistant device keeps a range of railway car parts warm, such as dehumidifier systems and connectors.

  • Damper Test Systems

    Damper Test Systems

    This electric-hydraulic servo type test system is easy to operate, making it simple to measure the damping force of oil dampers.

  • Omega Clutch

    Omega Clutch

    This stepless gear box makes the rotational speed of a driven machine widely variable by controlling the amount of slip of the clutch plate.

  • Fluid Couplers

    Fluid Couplers

    Power is transmitted through the oil for smooth acceleration. These also function as torque limiters against sudden overloads while the system is operating at its rated level.

  • Once-through Boilers

    Once-through Boilers

    Once-through boilers are boilers that do not circulate water.
    We offer a wide lineup of products, from large boilers for use in community heating/cooling and on factory production lines (as with all types of boilers [water pipe, furnace tube fire pipe, once-through, and remaining heat]), to home heating and hot water supply boilers.

  • Najico Evacuators

    Najico Evacuators

    This system ventilates smoke to ensure an evacuation route inside the cab during a fire.
    With a number of technical improvements made in order to respond to the changing times and diversifying demands, it plays an important role in protecting the lives and valuables of passengers.

  • Emergency Power Generators

    Emergency Power Generators

    It is a legal obligation to install power supply systems that work during power outages for sprinklers, emergency elevators and other disaster prevention equipment and emergency devices. Emergency power generators are one such system.
    This emergency gas turbine power generator is for use during power outages or disasters. It is easy to operate and maintain.

  • Washers


    We carry a wide range of washers for various kinds of stains to meet your needs.
    We can propose an integrated solution that includes a detergent, depending on your needs.

  • Piping Thread Rolling Machines

    Piping Thread Rolling Machines

    Mounted on existing pipe machines, these make it possible to perform thread rolling with the same operation.

  • Band Saws

    Band Saws

    Band saws are a power tool capable of cutting through metal and other materials.
    This band saw offers superior cutting precision and safety.

  • Wheel Cutting Instruments

    Wheel Cutting Instruments

    By using these various tip breakers with different materials, the tools that are used along with the railway wheel lathes can work more effectively and last longer. The high reliability achieved by Absotech Platinum coating, which eliminates chipping, and the improved cutting performance and reduced vibrations of the RW-type tip breaker realize absolutely stable machining.

  • Synthetic Sleepers

    Synthetic Sleepers

    Composed of long glass fiber and rigid polyurethane foam, these synthetic sleepers boast a long service life.
    As they are manufactured using the integrated molding method with metal molds, they can be any shape.
    Highly appreciated for their noise and vibration reduction effects, they are mainly used for railroad switches and bridges.

  • Rail Grinders

    Rail Grinders

    This rail grinder uses 3B wheels made with new materials. The beautiful, delicate finish is realized by grinding the surfaces of rails while sweeping them in the vertical direction against the direction of rail travel with a soft, weak force.
    A lightweight, easily portable type powered by lithium-ion batteries is also available.

  • Rechargeable Super Special LED Light TRACE-2000A

    Rechargeable Super Special LED Light TRACE-2000A

    Developed under the supervision of the crime laboratory of the Metropolitan Police Department, this LED light is suitable for inspecting scratches, dents and stains.

  • Refill Battery Generator G-CROSS

    Refill Battery Generator G-CROSS

    G-CROSS is a refill battery generator that can work infinitely by continually replacing its four cartridge-type batteries. It can be used outdoors even in the rain thanks to its drip-proof design. Emitting no exhaust gas, this low-noise generator can be used for any application.

  • Rechargeable Special LED Floodlight X-teraso

    Rechargeable Special LED Floodlight X-teraso

    A battery-powered floodlight that needs no generator. Lightweight and easily portable, this flexible-arm-type floodlight can be transformed into any shape, as well as illuminate the exact area you want to light up. This silent and emission free floodlight is also suitable for indoors, and by using back-up batteries, it can be used continuously even in times of disasters.
    It can be used outdoors even in the rain thanks to its drip-proof design. Emitting no exhaust gas, this low-noise generator can be used for any application.

  • Silvent Air Nozzles

    Silvent Air Nozzles

    Silvent air nozzles were created in Sweden to meet the strict workplace noise standards in Europe.
    They are designed to straighten air to reduce noise, improve workability, and increase efficiency.
    We offer a range of air guns to meet your needs.
    Among railway operators, they are mainly used to unclog filters, remove dust from the inner and outer surfaces of air control and switch components and remove dust from destination signs.

  • 3R Videoscopes

    3R Videoscopes

    This industrial endoscope for non-destructive visual inspection and testing can be used for quality assurance, maintenance, production, research and development and more. It offers a maximum resolution of 300,000 pixels Videos can be stored on an SD card.

  • Lifters


    Lifters are used to work at elevated heights, including equipment/interior finishing work and maintenance that uses the non-scaffolding construction method.
    The ENTL series is designed not only to increase work efficiency but also to make transportation and maintenance easier.
    The ENCL series offers easy spin and pivot turns. They can be kept outdoors.

  • Pit Lifts

    Pit Lifts

    We offer pit lifts perfect for quick maintenance and undercarriage maintenance.

  • High-Place Work Platforms

    High-Place Work Platforms

    Using our proven drawing data, work methods and other expertise, we can make a maintenance work platform that meets your requirements.
    We can also improve and modify your initial model.

  • Laser Doppler Speedometers

    Laser Doppler Speedometers

    Laser Doppler speedometers use a noncontact laser Doppler system to accurately measure speed/length from zero.
    This product is available as part of an integrated system or can be specially ordered to match your specifications.

  • Hand-Magna


    This portable interpolar flaw detector (Hand-Magna), the smallest magnetic particle flaw detector, features an energy conservation design that reduces the rated current 50–70% compared to conventional products and has a structure to prevent heat buildup. The flaw detection lamp makes more accurate inspections possible.

  • SNOM


    This is made from natural microbes formed from papilionaceous plant husks that decompose and digest oil.
    This environmentally friendly product is used as a material to adsorb biodegradable oil and clean soil, and it can help to preserve the environment.

  • Liquid Adsorption Mats

    Liquid Adsorption Mats

    We offer a range of adsorption mats to meet your needs, including mats that absorb only oil without absorbing water and mats that absorb all liquids in their entirety.

  • Nanopro Coating

    Nanopro Coating

    When applied to the surface of an object, this hydrophilic coating agent protects the object from dirt. It is odorless and contains no volatile compounds. It forms a hydrophilic film that makes it easy to clean dirt off.

  • Refleshine


    This heat blocking/insulating film helps to conserve energy—simply attach it to the inside of a glass window.
    Using it can reduce heating and cooling costs. As a safety feature, it also prevents glass from shattering.

  • Tri-Color Signal Lights

    Tri-Color Signal Lights

    Compact and lightweight, these tri-color signal lights are easy to carry and can be used to signal/confirm open and close operations in stations, as well as to confirm safety during nighttime work.

  • Leak Seal Tape

    Leak Seal Tape

    With leak seal tape, you can repair pipes even with water spurting from them, providing them with life extension and reinforcement.

  • Strong Anti-Slip Agent Nalgrip

    Strong Anti-Slip Agent Nalgrip

    Nalgrip is an anti-slip agent that is easy to use. Simply dispense it from the tube and apply it. It can be applied to a wide range of materials, such as concrete, wood and stone.

  • Rust Removers

    Rust Removers

    We offer a variety of rust removers, rust conversion agents and anti-corrosive paints to cover any application.

  • Hood Repair Sheets

    Hood Repair Sheets

    This sticker-type hood repair sheet is so easy to use that even first-time users can handle it without problems. Achieving high adhesion and hardness, as well as high strength after curing, it retains its hardened shape stably.